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Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are classes that allow you to earn college credit and advanced placement for university. AP courses provide you a unique college-level experience taught by highly skilled teachers.

AP courses take you to a new level of learning. You will develop your critical thinking skills, engage in collaborative problem solving, and become prepared to write at a college level. These skills will serve you well in college, giving you a head start in developing time-management, discipline, and study habits.

Four-year universities in the United States and the majority of international universities can award students credit, advanced placement or both, on the basis of AP Exam scores. Entering college with AP credits enables a student to take advantage of multiple opportunities from completing a program sooner to adding other majors or additional college experiences. 

The decision to take an AP course is made in the spring of the previous school year. You will work with the secondary adviser to determine which courses are best for you. Exams are given in May of each year.

QSI Astana AP Course Offerings