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Elementary Program

Students and staff actively participate in Spirit Weeks, a fun time when everyone dresses up according to various themes, typically celebrated right before a holiday or school break. These teachers and student are celebrating Technology Day in style!

The elementary school program at QSI Astana is designed to foster self-confidence in students, preparing them to use their education as a foundation for a successful life. The curriculum emphasizes traditional academic subjects like Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Cultural Studies. Additionally, the program incorporates Success Orientations to teach students empathy and ethical behavior in daily life.

To accommodate diverse learning needs, the school offers differentiated instruction. This includes special Intensive English classes for English language learners, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive. Students not enrolled in these classes have the option to learn languages like Kazakh, Russian, Spanish, and French through the World Language department.

The curriculum is enriched with weekly specialist classes in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology. These classes are integral to the school's commitment to developing skills essential for the 21st Century, such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. This comprehensive approach equips students with the tools they need for both academic and personal growth.

Being a part of QSI Astana has been an amazing experience for our family. The style of teaching really clicks with us - it's all about mastering what they learn, not just rushing through. My child's confidence has skyrocketed, and I can see the joy in learning every day. It's more than a school; it's a community that really cares. We're super happy we chose QSI Astana!

QSI Astana Parent
9 Year Old Class