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Intensive English

Every QSI student can be successful in their learning, however a student whose English proficiency is below that commonly associated with their age group may not be able to flourish in the mainstream literacy program. The Intensive English program is designed for these students. The goal of the Intensive English program is to create a learning environment in which students can acquire the English language skills in the four domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to enable success in their age-appropriate mainstream classes.

Intensive English classes are smaller than mainstream classes to allow teachers to effectively target individual needs. A student is placed at an appropriate level within the program based on assessments such as the IPT, MAP and F&P Benchmark Assessment.

The goal for IE is for students to acquire enough English language skills to be able to transition into the mainstream classroom as quickly as possible. Their oral language, reading, and writing skills will be monitored carefully, a d when their academic skills are near to those of a native English speaker, they will exit the IE program.