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Middle School Program

Music on the Green is a festive whole school event featuring a potluck, music from students, staff, and parents, along with dancing and celebration, enjoyed by everyone.

Our Middle School program is designed to challenge and prepare our 11 to 13-year-old students for the demanding academic environment of Secondary education. They experience a comprehensive curriculum that includes Literature, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Technology, Music, and Physical Education. Notably, some 12 and 13-year-old students demonstrate advanced skills in Mathematics, allowing them to enroll in Secondary level Algebra for graduation credit during their 13-year-old year, showcasing our commitment to individualized learning paths.

Middle School students can choose from Kazakh, Russian, Spanish, and French as part of their World Languages requirement. Additionally, for those seeking proficiency in English, we offer Intensive English classes aimed at mastering the language, ensuring that every student has the tools they need to succeed in a multilingual world.

Beyond academics, our Middle School program offers a vibrant array of after-school activities and sports throughout the year, catering to a wide range of interests and talents. These activities include everything from Cross Country to Model United Nations, often involving travel opportunities for competitions. This approach not only enhances their physical and intellectual skills but also fosters a sense of community and global understanding among our students.

Middle School is an exciting time that is ever-changing. Each day, we teach bright young minds, explore new perspectives on friendship, and prepare just a little bit more for Secondary school. My favorite thing about Middle Schoolers is their conviction to their newfound opinions about the world around them.

Jeanette Smith
11 year old Teacher