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QSIA Preschool Program

Welcome to Preschool

We share the QSI belief that all students can succeed, and that each child is an individual who learns at their own pace and in their own way. We aim to organize an environment that would support their way of learning.

Our goal is to provide quality education, in a safe and loving environment where students can feel comfortable and enjoy learning.

All teachers are qualified and caring, and they make sure to engage children in educational play.

The Preschool program allows our young learners to be involved in interactive, hands-on experiences that encourage independent, critical thinking, language development and essential learning skills.

Our teachers provide a loving and nurturing environment that helps children develop a genuine love for learning for the years to come.  

Bota Syzdykova

Every child is unique and can succeed!

  • Child-centered learning environment

  • With many spacious play areas, outdoor spaces and high quality learning resources we are able to offer the perfect environment to encourage your child’s development.

  • Caring and educated teachers that understand the importance of children learning environments where they feel secure and through activities that are age appropriate, stimulating, fun and exciting.


A Peek Inside!