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Parent Support Group (PSG)

Mission Statement

The purpose of PSG is to give parents an environment to volunteer and support the school by:
  • Building community
  • Raising funds to support teachers and students with supplemental materials and experiences
  • Promoting family and social interactions and
  • Providing assistance to teachers and staff members.

We strive to support the best possible learning environment for our children.

Who are we?

  • PSG - Parent Support Group
  • All parents and teachers of QSI Astana are members of the PSG

Why get involved?

  • Meet other parents
  • Make a difference in the school community
  • Make your voice heard
  • Get to know teachers, staff, and administrators
  • Stay informed

How are donations applied?

  • T-shirts for departing students
  • Graduation gifts
  • Celebrations of Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Microphones for QSI Drama Productions
  • MS/Secondary Corner
  • Indoor Recess Supplies
  • Teachers' birthdays and End of the Year gifts

Contact us at

Ask to be added to the PSG WhatsApp Group!