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Health and Safety

QSI Astana will be implementing the ASHYK program for all adults and staff members. Any person showing signs of illness will not be allowed on campus.
In addition to the Ashyq program, our health and security staff will be checking the temperature of everyone as they enter our campus. Adults that do not have access to the Ashyq program may provide their passport number to gain admittance to the school
Regulations in effect inside the school building include:
  • Physical distancing throughout the school.
  • Hand sanitizer stations provided that will be topped up regularly.
  • Disinfecting of all surfaces that occurs regularly throughout the day.
  • Students grouped by classes in alignment with government protocols in order to minimize interactions and mitigate the possibility of infection.
  • Any student showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be quarantined until they are able to leave campus.
If a student has been absent from school for more than three days, they are required to return with a doctor’s note clearing them of any contagious illness.
All buses and school transportation will be disinfected daily. Drivers and riders will wear masks at all times inside the bus.
Parents may enter the campus for meetings with faculty and staff by appointment only during times when classes are not in session. Virtual video format is available as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.
As government regulations and protocols change from time to time, we will be evaluating our learning program and making adjustments accordingly. Government regulations will inform our program and protocols, but we may go above and beyond government requirements in order to ensure the safest learning environment for our community.
Thank you for attending to these measures. Together will ensure a quality education and experience for all us students this year. Should you have any questions, please contact our school medical office at +7 775 519 7326 or email our school nurse at