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Learning Support

All Students Can Succeed

At QSI International School of Astana, we believe that all students can succeed, and we believe it is the school’s responsibility to provide the conditions for success.The Learning Support Team at QSIA supports students in need of extra assistance beyond the regular classroom

We provide additional strategies to help students from academic, emotional, social, and behavioral perspectives. We provide both push-in and pull-out support for students with the goal of enabling students with learning difficulties to enjoy the same opportunities in their education as their peers. Key in this process is establishing a relationship with students and discovering their individual strengths and needed areas for growth. As testing and outside services for special education are limited in Kazakhstan, it can be helpful when IEPs, 504 plans, and educational psychology assessments are up-to-date and provided prior to student enrollment.

Our Learning Support teachers work with classroom teachers, administration, and families to maintain open communication. Annual meetings for each student ensure that QSIA can meet the individual needs of each student.