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All Students Can Succeed

At QSI International School of Astana, we believe that all students can succeed, and we believe it is the school’s responsibility to provide the conditions for success.Our Learning Support Team supports students in need of extra assistance beyond the regular classroom

QSI Astana is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our school. We strive to uphold a culture in which every individual, a teacher, a student or a parent feels that they belong, are trusted, and are valued. 

The Learning Support and Inclusion Department at QSI Astana is designed to develop, strengthen and improve skills for positive academic performance and achievement. The LS and Inclusion Department offers students reading, writing and math support and intervention based on their Student Learning Plan (SLP). Our Department assists students with both diagnosed disabilities and those who experience documented difficulties acquiring new skills and/or completing their work. In addition, students who need help with study skills learn organizational, study and test-taking strategies. Depending on the student’s needs we help to learn, relearn and reinforce skills. We also offer push-in services where the LS and Inclusion teachers will sit in classes with students who need a little bit more support. 

Supports Content Overview

Literacy Development Priorities & Goal Setting
Reading & Comprehension Time Management & Self Advocacy
Mathematics Test Taking
Unit Completion

Organization & Planning


Learning Support and Inclusion Department Goals:

  • To assist students in becoming as independent and successful as they possibly can by teaching self-advocacy and taking ownership in their education
  • To monitor the student’s progress towards meeting SLP goals and assist the student in completing all Units of study
  • To maintain communication with the student , parents, teachers and our school counselor while acting as a team
  • To introduce and develop skills needed for learning

Our Department together with teachers monitors student progress throughout the year according to individual needs. Students and parents will have conferences to go over their progress towards the goals. Self-monitoring and self-insight will be the most important aspects happening as a result of our support and guidance. The entire process from a teacher’s referral to observations and accommodations including working with parents is streamlined and follows clear steps that allow teachers to feel supported.